BFH 1000 Wheel Balancer

In mere seconds, the BFH 1000 Total Ride Performance System diagnoses non-conformity issues with the entire weel and tire assembly, as well as with the tire and wheel independently. An easy-to-use interface guides the technician through the balancing process and indicates the best action based on wwheel types and diagnostic readings.

The pairing of the EHP System V tire changer and the BFH 1000 wheel balancer eliminates customer comebacks by reducing vibration due to non-uniformity issues. The BFH 1000 uses touchless, laser imaging technology to determine the optimal match for each tire and wheel assembly. The EHP System V then quickly indexes the tire and wheel.

We use the Nitrofill™ tire inflation system. Nitrogen is an inert gas so it offers constant tire pressures unaffected by temperature. It may solve erratic tire pressure monitor operation. We can also repair tire pressure monitors.

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